Thursday, April 3, 2008

That was sure fun to see Dallen at the funeral. What a great job he did in representing his family, we did miss seeing Aunt Jackie though. Are you surprised that he already won the affection of Saige. He is so sweet!

All the oldest grandsons got to be the pallbearers, since Casey was on his mission dad represented us. Way to go dad you represented us well! I wouldn't have even known that wasn't Casey if I didn't know better (ha ha!)

On Thursday March 27th Grandma Goodie passed away. It was sad to see her go, but she leaves a great legacy behind. Her funeral was Saturday March 29th which happened to be her 95th birthday. It was fun to see all the cousins that came in for her funeral. What a great outpouring of love and support. Grandma leaves behind 45 grandchildren, 95 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren, and lots, and lots of memories. Some of my favorite memories of Grandma were all her plants. She had an array of house plants that were always green and thriving. I remember her up early in the morning many times watering those plants. Grandma also made the best mush, I'm pretty sure she pust molasses in it and that is what made it taste so good. I loved it when I was living with her on the mornings that she made mush. I also loved her washing machine that you had to pay to use, I remember thinking as a kid that it was so fun to get to put the quarters in. She sure was an example of faith, missionary work, and charity. I am grateful to be part of her heritage. We love you Grandma and will miss you. I have no doubt though that she is much happier where she is now!