Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One more for tonight and then I will stop. Randi and Chloe are both on the City Swim team this year. Of course Chloe was on it last year as well, so she has had some good experience. Randi, bless her heart, this is her first year. She is at least half the size of everyone else on the team, but I am learning her heart is twice as big. They have to swim a full-lap of the pool doing breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, and backstroke. So our first swim meet was last Thursday night. Randi took second in her first event which happened to be a freestyle relay (it sort of helped that the two fastest boys were on her heat). Then came time for individual freestyle... Let's just say Randi was about half way through when the announcer got on the loud speaker and said; "Come on parents and swimmers lets cheer this one on, lets bring her in." I think they were a little worried she wasn't going to make it to the other side. Needless to say, about 1 full minute after everyone else finished, Randi finished. Her first words were- "mom did you hear all those people- they were cheerin for me!" She sure appreciated the support and being the center of attention. She placed sixth out of sixth, but said next week she is going to try really hard to get seventh. Because seventh place gets pink ribbons. I told her I thought that was a great goal for her to set! She sure has some spunk, and to quote her "swimming is hard work, but I love it!"
There were quite a few changes in our ward over the past few weeks. We've had three couples move out all of which had leadership posititons, needless to say it makes for some change. Ryan has been released as the ward executive secretary and put in as the priest advisor and missionary prep coordinator, a change with which he is excited for. I am excited as well because we will no longer have to find a babysitter for meetings we are both involved in. As the wife of the new second counselor in the bishopric got up to bear her testimony (they have four children 8 and under) she talked about how on the way home from church the previous Sunday they talked about "the church bag." She was saying we are done with the church bag our kids are old enough to just sit and listen. No more snacks, coloring, books, were done. Well, the following Thursday her husband got the call into the bishopric and she said; "I will have you know ""the church bag"" is back with a vengeance. Bigger and better than ever!" I don't know why I have found this so funny, Possibly because I can relate so well.
Ok, so a good indication that it has been too long since my last entry is that I had to reset my password, because I have fogotten it. Oops! Guess I need to get a little better at keeping this updated. Well, I have two funny stories I think I will share. So the other day Captin was playing in Ryan's truck (which is a huge no-no- because of the value of that piece of machinery we would hate to damage anything) anyway he was yelling for Randi to come over because the truck was unlocked and he was getting inside. Little did he know Ryan was in there. So he's yelling very excitedly for Randi to come get in with him and as he opens the passenger door and sees Ryan he instantly says; "uh-oh" and shuts the door quickly. So last week I open the garage door to go throw something away and once again Captin is in the process of doing something he shouldn't. He is climbing on the rubber that is all stacked up in the garage. Well, as soon as he hears the door open I hear him say; "oops!" The kids inital reactions are hysterical. What's so funny is that it is the reaction anyone of us would have, but were smart enough not to verbalize it, not Captin though! They sure make for some good laughter- thanks Captin once again for keeping us entertained!!