Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jeaniece, Jackielee, and myself got to go to San Diego for the weekend. We had a great time. I learned though that I cannot look deeply into their eyes and try to see their souls without laughing hysterically. We attended a childrens yoga confrence and learned a lot. I am afraid we might have been a little disruptive in a few spots. It was NOT good to have one of them as my partners because I could not keep a straight face. It was very nice to a have a few days away from the norm. I even was able to sleep throught the night for the first time in over a year- so that was nice. Of course, we went to bed a little to late and had to get up a little to early, so there was no catching up on sleep. I also learned not to order curry chicken from a Thai restraunt. It came in the form of a soup and we all took one bite and sent it back, it was nasty. The apple/fish salad was delicious and so were the Thai noodles. Thanks to Jeanice for introducing us to the experience. Oh, I also learned I do not like the coconut rice pudding with mangos for dessert. The mangos weren't too bad, but when they make something look like ice-cream, but it has the texture of rice.... didn't work so well for me. Thanks anyway Jeaniece! I think I'll pick the dessert next time.


Collier Family said...

I can only imagine what your yoga class must have been like, I thing I would have been busting a gut the whole time with one of you as a partener. Glad you learned a lot though and had fun!

Gregory said...

Hey guys! I dig the blog. It was great to catch up with your lives even though it was through a machine.